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What are the Benefits of Mechanization to My Country?

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What are the Benefits of Mechanization to My Country?

What are the Benefits of Mechanization to My Country?

15 January 2018 / Admin

The mechanization started with the industrial revolution in the world and did not require human power in time. The human power was used instead of the human power. By saving the labor force from the human power at the same time, making the works easier made the countries grow faster.

Turkey mechanization of agriculture began with and industrial areas continue etmiştir.sanayileş on our country faster development and growth opportunities sunmuştur.makine of greater things with our lives to enter a shorter time started to be and more fruitful results achieved in a year with Turkia factory's workforce in a few days with the machine power

Mechanization in agriculture

Mechanization in agriculture, in fact, has made great strides when it comes to most agricultural activities. For example, with manpower, only limited areas can be used as agricultural areas, but with the mechanization, these areas used for agriculture have increased in number and become larger scale areas. The cultivation of the soil required for cultivation and the application of fertilizer application irrigation through machines are another aspect of obtaining high yields from agricultural products.

Agriculture has played a major role in the transit of humanity to collective life. Societies and states emerged when the hunter-gatherer communities throughout the Stone Age were relocated to farming peoples. Until the Indian Revolution, agriculture was the main source of income for the vast majority of mankind. Today, however, there are visible developments in agriculture and the effects of technology. Özellikle20. There have been significant changes in agriculture during the 20th century. According to the Haber-Bosch process, the first artificial fertilizers were obtained, thanks to the cobblestones mixed with ammonium nitrate. Thanks to the mechanization of reducing the workforce in agriculture, there has been a decrease in the number of workers in agriculture. Unemployment increased as production increased.

By means of the machines, time saving is provided. Machines which differ according to usage conditions also reduce the utilization rate of human power.

As Yaşık Makine, our main goal is to produce products and services in a short time thanks to the machines we produce.

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