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Our quality policy

Quality product

Quality product

As Yaşık Machine; aims to provide customer satisfaction by using advanced technology and making quality production in a timely manner

Reliable Service

Reliable Service

Our company provides reliable service with quality product, ethical business, timely and complete delivery, pre-sale and after-sales service understanding

Strong Team

Strong Team

As Yaşık Makina, our customers' needs and demands are fulfilled with a perfect service understanding by our expert team in the field

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About Us

About Us

YAŞIK Machine Mehmet Yaşık and Hüseyin Yaşık started the activity in 2006.

Working Method

Working Method

Warranty Terms by applying the Service and at the end of the warranty period spare parts and machine maintenance applications.

Our Goal

Our Goal

We aim to develop machines that are not produced in our country with our R & D studies and put them into our product range.

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Pultrusion is the production technology created by combining the glass fiber reinforcing material with resin from a hot mold. It is a continuous process used in the production of composite materials with a fixed cross-section.

What are the Benefits of Mechanization to My Country?

By means of the machines, time saving is provided. Machines which differ according to usage conditions also reduce the utilization rate of human power.

Support After Sale

Thank you very much for your help in using our machine after installation

Excellence by Price

The greatest reason why I bought a product from the old machine was that I needed to get a useful patent document. I also received excellent performance according to the price.

Saving on time...

I bought a ceramic cutting machine. I make profits from time to time.

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Our Web Site is Online with Modern Design

  • 01 February 2018
  • Admin

Our company as Yaşık Machinery is in the service of our valued customers with its modern design ...

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