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Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Line

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Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Line

Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Line


Machine features:

Shrinkable max package width: (W) 1300mm (may vary on request)

max package height that can be shrunk: (H) 400mm (may vary on request)

-Max package size: 2300mm

-Machine Total size: 11.5m (Approx.)

-Machine width: 2.5m

- adjustable belt speed max: 14m / min (adjustable according to package size)

- Number of packages per hour: 40 - 300 pieces / hour. Packet size and width nylon micron and package heights are very influential on this issue.

- whether it is PLC control control panel or automatic control control panel

-7 '' touch screen makes all controls and settings very easy (PLC controlled)

-The drive system with speed control in the pre-tape, inter-tape and in-wafer tapes

-The work order is sensor and time-controlled

-Automatically shrink nylon wrap on product

-Automatic cutting

-Product transfer into the oven with automatic intermediate tape after the part

- Lower and upper nylon tension system. Sensor controlled

2 pieces of upper and 2 pieces of lower pieces, total 4 pieces of max300mm diameter nylon can be put

- sticking time setting

-Adjustment Temperature setting

-clamping jaw pneumatic control

-Manually use the set functions

- Intrinsic design with dual circulation fan system and air duct for homogenous heat supply

-4 oven circulation fan with homogenous temperature

- serpentine chrome nickel resistances for better spreading of heat with low consumption

- ** special adhesive-free silicone covered roller chain OVEN tape

-Basic oven insulation

-shrink tunnels 50-200 ° C digitally adjustable

- Oven outlet 2 units Product cooling system

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